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elfnight19's Journal

10 February
love going to the movies. People find me interesting because im so random and im just a loud person so if you like that then here I am. I love to be hugged and kissed and loved and I love the "Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Family Guy" My friends love me cause im "fat" (this means you Adrienne) but right now im trying to lose it. Im a very nice person and im sweet (or so im told) and I notice the weird-est things about items or people and I will speak my mind if it demands so. I hope to find someone out there that will deal with me and my crazy-ness. I love technology and this includes my laptop and my iPod Touch. Im a BIG computer nerd lol and im proud of it and someday it will make me rich. :) One of my best friends is Adrienne. Some of my other friends are Krishna, Brandi, Ryan, and Dustin and all of them will always be there for me as I will for them. I love you guys! Something about me that others dont know about me is my anger. I dont often show it unless it is necessary. Most of my friends either call me Taylor or Fabio (dont ask) so feel free to call me either. I can be very senceative and do to my experience, some girls like that in me. Something that people dont know about me is that when im depressed, i clean. Alot. This is who I am. Welcome to the land of Taylor